About Gary Hume

Gary Hume is a metal artist, best known for his armillary type sculptures. His career as a boilermaker / construction worker and antique dealer,

Iron Sculpture Art work by Gary Hume

Iron Sculpture Art work by Gary Hume

has been instrumental in his learning the skills he uses to create metal art.

Paying attention to how things are constructed, small details and finishes, are all part of the equation that “make” his pieces and give them the “Wow Factor”.

Gary has a private machine shop, where he creates. Primarily using 19th century parts and pieces, including wagon wheel parts, grind stones and gears. Much of his work includes moving parts. This allows for the looks of the object to be changed somewhat. It also allows the owner to be his or her own artist.

Gary’s art work has been shown in some of the most prestigious garden / antique shows¬†around the¬†United States. Including the New York Botanical Gardens, Nashville, Mulford Farm’s in East Hampton, New York, and the Los Angeles Modernism Show.

Most of Gary’s work these days, includes moving parts. Making his pieces able to be morphed by the owners and including them in the artistic process is enjoyable for both Gary and the new owners. Using rings that range in size from 6″ to 60″ make it possible to accommodate most custom request.

Crating and shipping are no problem.
Gary Hume and his work has been featured in the Boston Globe Magazine, The Bee Cottage by Frances Schultz, Seacoast Online / Portsmouth Herald Newspaper, Maine Antique Digest, York County Co-Star Newspaper, and several blogs.